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Kestrel Electronic Security offer a free survey of existing alarms to assess for upgrades required to meet British & European standards (and/or individual requirements) and to identify essential routine maintenance, such as battery replacement.

On completion of the survey and any subsequent repairs/upgrades, we would be happy to offer either a service only contract or a full maintenance agreement satisfying police and insurance requirements.


Burglaries are an all too regular occurrence.

All of us know someone that has suffered the loss and associated distress caused by such an intrusion into your premises.

Nationally a break in occurs approximately every 105 seconds and the majority of these will have poor physical security and no intruder alarm system or CCTV. Whenever we leave our premises unattended we run the risk of unwanted visitors, but there are a number of things that we can do to make it difficult and less appealing for any would be intruder.

Physical security is a good start but the presence of an alarm has additional deterrent value in that it can sound the alert to a number of different persons, passers-by, neighbours, the police and directly to your smart device.

Police often say that intruders are generally opportunists who are on the look-out for poorly secured properties. Does your property fit into this category?

Having an alarm fitted and maintained by an SSAIB recognised installer means you may be eligible for discounts on household insurance premiums.

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Choosing the Right Installer

Once you have made a decision to install an alarm system, you need to find the right company to install it for you.

There are three key things to remember:

1: Choose a company with a proven track record

2: Choose a company that will install and maintain your alarm system to appropriate industry standards by selecting one that is inspected by one of the official regulatory bodies (e.g SSAIB)

3: Choose a company that will understand your unique requirements and design a security solution that works for you

Kestrel Electronic Security guarantee to meet all of the above requirements. Contact us now and see just how simple it is to secure your premises.

Maintaining your alarm

Alarm systems are clearly a deterrent but their usefulness is impacted by any fault that is not addressed. This could mean your alarm fails to function correctly just when it is needed most – when the burglars are at work!

Regular maintenance and servicing of your alarm means you can virtually guarantee the full operation of your security system.