Door entry / access control

A range of security devices such for door entry and access control

Door Entry / Access Control

When it comes to door entry and access control electronic security systems there are a number of different options you can choose from. 

To help you identify which type of electronic security system fits your needs best, see below where we go through each in more detail.

The main types of door entry or access control security systems are:

  1. Stand-alone Entry Systems
  2. Audio Entry Systems
  3. Video Entry Systems
  4. Integrated Access Control System

Depending on your requirements, different access control or door entry systems may suit you better than others.  Here we give a more thorough insight into each type of security system for door entry and access control. 

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Stand Alone Access Control Systems allow access to be granted with the use of Keypads, Fobs, Cards, Biometrics (Finger prints and Facial Recognition) and even Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras



Video Entry Systems incorporate a miniature camera within the entrance panel housing and monitors within the premises. Visitors can be identified both audibly and visually.



Audio Entry Systems provide a speech path between the premises and the front door, allowing you to verify the identity of a caller before granting access. Access is usually achieved by triggering a lock release or similar locking mechanism by simply pushing a button located on the telephone handset. 

Systems start from a simple one way telephone entry comprising of a door panel, lock release and handset and can be expanded to multiple door panel buttons and handsets.


Access Control systems are often integrated with intercom systems which allows communication between a visitor and host and modern systems have integrated cameras to allow the host to perform a security check both visually and audibly prior to allowing entry. Remote release of an Access Controlled door or gate is possible via the intercom system from the intercoms indoor station or through a smart device. 

Our systems can control access controlled doors, gates and shutters across multiple sites in different locations and they are fully expandable.

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